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saginthesun is an artist working in various mediums and an activist and philosopher. They are a student of the universe and human experience, emphasizing black emancipation, spirituality, and the expression of creative thought. They use art as a vehicle for personal development, transformation, and healing in their work, which investigates both the internal and external worlds. they are convinced that creativity is one of the most potent forces in the cosmos, and they employ it to establish a connection with others and their more evolved selves.

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September 13, 2023

Navigating a Future Where Machines Outpace Human Thought

The constant evolution of technology has always carried machines outpace humans with both awe and apprehension. But as we enter an era where the possibility of artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence becomes more concrete, the question looms more significant than ever: What happens when machines become more intelligent than people? This exploration extends beyond science […]

August 30, 2023

Interview with Scott Hershovitz on Why Children Make Great Philosophers

Philosophy is often considered an intricate and abstract field reserved for seasoned thinkers and scholars. However, children’s unfiltered curiosity and untamed imagination can lead them to be unexpectedly brilliant philosophers. In an exclusive interview with renowned philosopher Scott Hershovitz, we delve into the intriguing realm of why children make great philosophers. Hershovitz, a professor at […]

Hannah Arendt
August 26, 2023

Hannah Arendt On Standing Up to the Banality of Evil

In the annals of history, few thinkers have contributed as profoundly to our understanding of human nature and the complexities of morality as Hannah Arendt. A political theorist and philosopher of the 20th century, Arendt grappled with one of the darkest chapters in human history: the Holocaust. Her reflections on this atrocity and her concept […]

Philosophy's Everlasting Flame: Conversations with Jonny Thomson
August 18, 2023

Philosophy Everlasting Flame: Conversations with Jonny Thomson

Pursuing philosophy may belong to a bygone era driven by data, algorithms, and fast-paced changes. However, beneath the surface of our high-tech lives lies a timeless source of insight that can fundamentally reshape our understanding of existence. In an exclusive interview, Jonny Thomson, a distinguished philosopher, and educator, unravels the profound relevance of philosophy and […]

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